Q1 2022 Multifamily Quarterly Report 

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The journey for a prospective renter is different than ever before. Consumers’ preferences for a digitized renter’s journey and the rise of automation use resulting from the Great Resignation has created new territory for multifamily marketers to navigate. Download this report to explore these emerging trends and leverage benchmarks that can help you thrive in this new era. 

Today’s prospective renters are more online than ever before and they’re doing more research than ever — earlier. What we used to call “Lookie Lous” has become the norm for today’s prospective renters. And there is more of them, with rental activity at an all-time high. Multifamily marketers have been forced to pivot their approaches over the last two years as a result. So how are you doing? 

This is why the Multifamily Quarterly (MQ) was born: to give multifamily pros a place to turn for metrics and insights concerning the multifamily consumer journey that we like to call the “renter’s journey”. Most importantly, it is the beginning of a reliable source for quarterly multifamily marketing benchmarks that can help you know how you’re doing. No longer will multifamily marketers be left to wonder how they compare.  

Download this report and discover how today’s trends are shaping the industry and the best way for you to successfully navigate them. You will learn how to:

  • Attract tours to your community 
  • Maximize digital engagement with prospects 
  • Leverage high-performing channels during the renter’s journey  
  • Compare your marketing metrics to industry benchmarks 

By completing the form below, you’ll receive the Q1 2022 MQ report and links to subsequent quarterly reports when they’re published.